Friday, April 18, 2008

an invitation to share experiences of wonderment

I would like to invite you to share those moments when you have experienced true wonderment in your life. Those moments that have taken your breath away. Sights seen, sounds heard... moments of magic and awe.
Do you recall an experience of wonderment as a child?
Have you seen your own children experience it?
What caused it?
What was the response?
How has it changed you (or your child)?

I believe that we must keep these wonder experiencing faculties alive and tuned, or else a veil will cover our senses and our world will become gray.
One exercise to do to keep open is to remember one moment of magic. Remember it with all of your senses. What were the colors, sounds, smells, tastes. How was the light? How did you feel? What were you doing when you experienced it? How did you respond? Hold that experience in your mind and savor it. Then try to put it into words.

I recall once driving across the country, I think I was in Wyoming, I had driven through a thick dark storm when the sky suddenly opened into a cathedral of apricot colored light. Then there appeared an almost audible rainbow; the height, brightness and clarity of which I could not believe was possible. As if with a "close encounter" I was powerless to drive any further. I pulled over, got out of the car, and was totally consumed in awe with this apparition. When, after a 'lifetime' of bathing in its beauty, I turned to get into my car, I saw that, there on this vast open deserted highway, were several cars stopped, presumably for the same reason I stopped mine. One by one we drove away, much changed by the experience.

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