Thursday, March 27, 2014

Our hands

Part of enlivening your sense of wonder is to focus on things you might take for granted.
My hands are something I know I often don't think much about... yet they are the first thing I use after I open my eyes. They are probably one of the first things I ever focused my eyes on as an infant.
How they have served me. Tools of touch, sensitive and strong. Tools that serve me all day long. They: pick things up, pet my cats, type, scratch, wave, touch loved ones, hold a pencil or a paint brush, hold brushes and cloths to clean with, knead bread dough, hold scissors to cut, sculpt, massage, cook, sort, turn pages, mend broken things, sew, knit, garden, and what else?
They may ache, or bear scars, but how wonderful they are.

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