Thursday, March 20, 2014

Wonderment101: a beginner's course in wonder

Awesome! Wonderous!
We begin to experience life's myriad 
wonders as soon as we start using our senses. Why is it that as we mature we start to forget? Its almost as if a veil drops to obscure those Wonders from us all. Lets reawaken to the wonders around us and let them enhance the world we see and the work we do.

I am creating a book and a workshop... Wonderment101: a beginner's course in wonder. One of the exercises in this work is to keep a journal of the wonders we experience. It is something I plan to do here.

I welcome you to contribute your wonders as well. Things you see, or that happen to you, or that you come across. Perhaps those sparks of Awesome will find a place in Wonderment101!

And for my first Day of Wonders: As today is the First of Spring, I held a rose in my hand and wondered at its miracle. I wondered at its form, its geometry, its color, its delicateness, its thorns, its woody stem, its scent. Some force opened a seed and that seed, with time, sun, moisture, rich earth, sweet air, and an unknown design transformed into this marvel.

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