Friday, May 9, 2014


Though it has been a few days since I posted, I must admit that for me, coincidence is an everyday thing. I think of someone and they call, the person on the radio says the same word that is on the sign I am passing, when in a store with my daughter, but on other sides of the room, we both bring the same item over to show each other.... What coincidences have you experienced lately? Aren't they amazing?



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  2. I guess one might consider this a coincidence or perhaps the universe answering to a request. Several weeks ago, I asked for help in bringing forth the right people with resources (personnel, capital, etc.) to assist me in creating a successful medical product my company is developing. Within the past several days, I've received unsolicited calls to that effect. After completing the last call, I reflected on what was happening here and all I could say - to the sky, to the universe to the great intelligence - was . . . . Thank You.