Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Art & Color Workshop in Berkeley went well!

There was a 2 hour introduction to wet-on-wet water painting, an hour lunch and question break, followed by a 2 hour session of coloring with block crayons.

The participants turned out so much wonderful artwork! We all had fun!

Those of you in the Bay Area who would like a similar workshop, please contact me. Those who are not, may contact me about my bringing a similar workshop to your area.


  1. I hope the workshop went wonderfully well, and that you will consider doing a painting DVD!!! As a parent whose children were once in a Waldorf school, I know the value of this kind of painting and have endeavored to do it at home with some guidance from books...but a DVD of YOU doing it would be so much more valuable to me!! I'll keep my fingers crossed....

  2. P.S. I am all the way over in Massachusetts, so attending a workshop isn't really an option...all the more reason for a DVD!!